We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each patient gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!


I am so please with the care I received from Andrea at the Lafayette Hearing Center. I love my hearing aids. Many thanks to my friend for referring me. A+ for the front desk staff. I'm so blessed.

Linda L.

Lafayette Hearing Center has changed my life in the most amazing way.

When I was in my early 40’s I found it challenging to hear my toddlers’ soft high voice. As an Artist in Resident in a public elementary school I had to ask my young students two or three times to repeat their questions because I couldn’t hear. I was terribly embarrassed and frustrated.

I had struggled with hearing my entire college career and adult life, finding that I did not want to participate in meetings and group discussions. Once I started wearing hearing aids, I became more outgoing, served on committees at church, social groups and at work. I even took on leadership roles I once shied away from. I became more confident and enjoyed my life more fully.

I feel very fortunate that I have had Lafayette Hearing Center taking care of me every step of the way. They have always been my best advocate, making sure that I always receive the best care and attention. Thanks to their professional staff I am confident that I will continue living a full life as I approach 70 and throughout my golden years.

M. H.

I have worn hearing aids for many many years and I am beyond thrilled with this new pair. I replaced older aids for both ears and I am amazed at how much the new technology is helping me. I'm now hearing sounds I haven't heard in a long time... like the ticking of my wall clock. I am also hearing so much better on the telephone and when I watch TV. Conversation is much better even when we all are wearing mask.

Andrea Gray is a friendly person and I felt comfortable in her office. She was thorough with the testing needed to evaluate my hearing and very skilled in determining my needs. She was also extremely helpful and patient and kind when explaining how to use my new aids and when answering all of my questions.

I feel that the quality of care here is outstanding and I highly recommend the Lafayette Hearing Center!


Especially in this era when masks cover mouths and we are heavily involved in online conversations, good hearing has never been more important. I am beyond grateful for sophisticated hearing equipment that allows me to participate fully in activities. We never want to be left out of the game!

Gladys Fiocci

I've had my hearing aids since September and am very satisfied. The staff was friendly, knowledgable, and professional and did their best to serve me. I will see you in February!

Gary Clark

I can't believe the difference my hearing aids have made. I can hear the birds singing in the yard, which apparently I hadn't heard them in years. My wife now tells me the volume is a little too low on the TV. It has been a pleasure working with the staff and I would recommend Lafayette Hearing Center highly.

Wayne Remaly


I toured your facility at open house. I was very impressed with the facility and equipment you are providing for your excellent and professional staff.
I first met Andrea Gray when she was on staff at I.U. Arnett. During the exam she stated she was leaving and joining the staff at Lafayette Hearing Center. I followed her because I wanted to benefit from her skills and knowledge.

Joelle Beisel has programmed my aids after being sent out for service. Fast and efficient!

A fellow Rossville Hornet, so she got to be good!!

Shana Chilcott returned my call yesterday and made an appointment for today. I found her to be friendly and efficient.

And then there is Susie Randolph !!! She happened to be at the front desk this morning. She greeted me by name and knew exactly what I needed. It was 9:10 and I was early for the 9:30 appointment. I was on my way home at the appointment time!!!

If Susie can’t fix it, she sends the aid and it is returned in timely fashion.

I have not met others on staff but surrounded by these excellent people, how could they not be the same.

RJ Brown

Years of having a hearing problem means you should have your hearing tested and try hearing aids to bring back all the things you have not heard!! It is annoying! You will not believe what you are missing in life! Please see Lafayette Hearing Center, they are great people. Wonderful and helping. Pleased to hear again!

S. R.

You not only deal with highly knowledgeable people who (no pun) listen and give serious attention to my concerns. I'm not the easiest person to deal with, but the care and service is unmatched, and that's worth the price and admission!

Ken S.

About 10 years after I started wearing hearing aids, my loss was severe enough that my provider no longer had a solution for me. They tried several things, but nothing was adequate. They finally gave up on me and sent me to Lafayette Hearing Center, where Dr. Mary found aids that were powerful enough, and she worked with me until they both fit and sounded correct. Success!!!

More than 25 years later, even though my loss has worsened to the point I cannot even communicate with people without both aids, Lafayette Hearing Center is still providing workable solutions to my problem. Because of them, I can still interact with people and be a productive member of society.


My experience at Lafayette Hearing was excellent; especially the doctor's attention to detail, listening to my needs and concerns, and overall patience and persistence with helping solve my hearing problems.

Mark Levinthal

I chose Lafayette Hearing Center because of the may years of service to my mother-in-law. I have never been sorry. I receive top-shelf service from professional audiologists and cheerful staff.

Ruby B.

I chose Lafayette Hearing Center because it was highly recommended by a friend. I am pleased with the hearing aids I chose, and the information and service I received from each employee was friendly, courteous, and quick. I highly recommend Lafayette Hearing Center to anyone who needs audio help staying in contact with family and friends.

Rita F.

I chose Lafayette Hearing Center because they are excellent!

Annette G.

I chose Lafayette Hearing Center because I heard Dr. Caccavo was very good and didn’t take advantage of any situation. I got right in and was treated with courtesy and kindness.

Lou C.

I chose the Lafayette Hearing Center because the outstanding service available at any time ensures my continued excellent hearing! The service available at the office and visits to Westminster Village are the best.

Barbara S.

I chose the Lafayette Hearing Center because I had heard good things about Dr. Mary and had relatives who were very satisfied. I have been pleased with the attention and care from the Lafayette Hearing Center.

Martin P.

I chose the Lafayette Hearing Center because when you purchase an aid, they do everything to ensure that it functions as represented, and that you know how to use it.

Kay H.

My friend works at the Lafayette Hearing Center. I am happy with my hearing aids, and the great staff is so helpful.

Dick Cupka, Sr.

Dr. Mary just would not give up on me, and after more than a year of testing adjusting, tweaking, experimenting with various instruments, and fine-tuning each one for me, we have arrived at that point where I now hear and UNDERSTAND at a level I haven’t experienced since 1984, when, in eight short hours, I lost one ear and half of my hearing in the other.

Love her…her determination…her perseverance…her superior skills…and her (truly…) caring and compassionate attitude.

Jean F.

I celebrated my 20 years at Purdue today at the Clerical/Service Recognition Luncheon. There were hundreds of folks filling the north and south ballrooms.

I just want to let you know how thrilled I was when I could understand and participate in the conversation at my table. My new hearing aids are perfect!

Erma R.

I chose the Lafayette Hearing Center because they are very considerate to one’s needs, also money-wise. Thanks!

As I need help, I know you will be here for me. I give you all a lot of advertising!

Kim G.

I have been a patient at Lafayette Hearing Center for almost 20 years. I continue to come here because of the helpful staff. When I have an appointment, I do not have to wait 45 minutes like the physician's office. Dr. Mary has always been very helpful and gives thorough answers you can understand.

Russ G.

I chose the Lafayette Hearing Center because friends told me about Dr. Mary’s service; I now do the same! I have been coming to see Dr. Mary, Dr. Susan, and Peggy for a long time for hearing aids and service. They are SUPER!

Lowell S.

Dr. Mary is running a very good business — very helpful, kind, and caring. I would rate her business as excellent. I’m sorry that we moved out of her territory.

Mary R.

The staff at LHC has made it possible for me to enjoy a more fulfilling life by enabling me to participate in normal daily communication. Dr. Susan worked tirelessly to make sure that my new aids were precisely fitted to my satisfaction.

If you are experiencing auditory problems, I would highly recommend that you contact the specialists at the LHC for an evaluation.

Helen C.

The doctor took her time and was patient. I appreciated all her care and concern. I love my aids. I wanted smaller aids and she found the perfect style.


Six months ago I requested a hearing evaluation after spending (time) with three teenage granddaughters. They are very shy and when talking; they keep their heads down and speak in soft voices. It was a struggle to follow their conversation. The evaluation confirmed that I did have hearing loss, and (hearing aids) were prescribed. It took a while to learn to clean and insert them, and I was not convinced that they made a difference but I was reassured that it takes time for the brain to adjust. Well, my granddaughters visited me for a week this past holiday, and guess what — I didn’t miss a single word when they talked!!!

John M.

I know that if either of us has a problem with our device that Dr. Mary or her staff with assist in resolving it.

James C.

I chose the Lafayette Hearing Center because my cousin told me about [them]. I like the staff at the [Lafayette] Hearing Center!

Richard H.

I chose the Lafayette Hearing Center because my son-in-law Scott S. referred me.

Louis C.

Dr. Caccavo and Dr. Taulia-Lopez have the equipment and training to make careful diagnosis of hearing problems. Their continuing service is of the highest quality and consideration.

Paul L.

The staff are simply wonderful; friendly and professional, they really care about making sure that your hearing is the best that it can be. My life has been so improved since I got my aids 2 years ago. Great, great, great!!!

Kathy M.

I always have a smile on my face after my appointments with both doctors; Susan and Mary.Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Beulah C.

Mary Caccavo is the “best” Doctor. A Doctor you don’t have to pay everytime you see her! Helpful!

Donya Lester

I will definitely keep sending patients your way. Thank you so much for correctly diagnosing my problem, and setting me on a path to better hearing.

Kim Dimmick

Dr. Susan said these hearing aids will change your life. Well, I doubted that statement but she was correct. These [new hearing aids] are so much better. I am delighted. Not only with the hearing aids, but the kind and competent staff. Thank you!

Karen Hatke

My profound hearing loss has always prevented me from hearing distinctly on my I-phone, which I use a lot. The media link has changed all that! Thanks to this amazing new technology, I now hear not only my phone calls more clearly, even in noisy environments, but I am also able to more fully enjoy music, radio, and audio books apps on my I-phone.

Dr. Manley Scheurich

This hearing aid is far superior….the follow-up care and help with maintenance has been excellent.

Helen Hoffman

I am always given excellent service when I come and am treated with kindness. I feel they have my interest at heart and prices are fair.

Junior Lawson

My hearing is almost normal!

Julie Fischer

With my new hearing aids–friends asked me about background noise–but everything is clear. I just love them!